Meet Samar 👋

Samar is an entrepreneur and productivity expert. He currently serves as the CEO at Taskwall and Chief Mentor at TheProductive. With Taskwall and TheProductive, he has helped thousands of people become productive and achieve their goals.

My Mission

My mission is to help a million people get productive and achieve their goals by 2025.

My Life Story

I was born in a remote town in Punjab, India. I was 18 years old when I learned about the internet for the first time. I got to know about the internet when I moved to my college in Chandigarh. I was fascinated that you can search for answers to any question or ask anything from Google(Ohh silly me). I remember that I used to call my mom and tell her that there is a software on my computer which can answer anything. She got to know about the internet from me.

I was always an average student but a very curious one. I was never an entrepreneur and never thought of starting a business at all.

My First Business

In college, when buying clothes online, I used to search for coupons. That gave me an idea to start my first business. I started a coupon website which scrapped coupons from multiple websites and aggregated on my website. The website was CheapDealIndia. My hostel was using the website, and the fact that I created it, I wore it as a badge of honour.

We started getting Copyright emails from the websites we copied the coupons. After running it for several months, I had to shut it down.

Freelancing Career

For the next few months, I created several blogs on WordPress for my friends and, they paid me with a treat at the college cafeteria. Then I idea of freelancing came to my mind. For the next 3 years, I did freelancing. Initially, it was me alone. But later I started hiring people, outsourcing to other developers I found at hackathons or developer events. I did well for a few years but later decided to take a plunge and start a real business.


Before starting SliteResume, I tried multiple businesses but failed at most. SliteResume was started out of curiosity when my sister was going through her college placements. One day I was on the call with her and she jokingly said if there is a website where she can interview once and the interview can be shared with all companies coming to her college. That was the moment of spark for me, for next month I worked hard to build a prototype. We raised money for the idea and worked on SliteResume for next 2 years. In the period we helped 12,000+ people connect with right career opportunities.


In the first 6 months only, SliteResume team had grown to 20+ people and we started facing issues with our team productivity. Taskwall was started as a side project which I was developing on the weekend. After several months, we started using it with our complete team and launched it for Public in March 2020.


While we were working with clients at Taskwall, we got to know that some challenges related to productivity are more psychological than using some tool. I have been an avid reader and have been researching about improving my performance from the last 7 years. I thought perhaps I can provide some insights to people facing challenges related to productivity.

We started TheProductive with a test audience of 500 people and the response we got was mindblowing. Then we started another batch with 1,000 people and got a positive response. We started TheProductive Program in July for the public and 2500+ have enrolled it till now.

What I do now?

  • I help professionals manage their work more effectively with Taskwall.
  • I help people learn about productivity and how to achieve their goals through TheProductive.
  • I help companies create a productivity system and do a 1-1 corporate consultation.
  • I speak at colleges, organizations and events for productivity.