Sometimes we learn something so life-changing that it stays with us for years.

My life really started changing when my grandmother passed away. I was in the college that time and wasn't living a life I am proud of.

I was an avid procrastinator. I didn't had any good habit. I was just spending my time living the life as it passed.

SO my grandmother died. And I felt very bad about it. Yes there was the sorrow of a loved one going away.

But more than the sorrow there was a guilt. A guilt about not following the promise I made to here.

Before I went to the college - I made a promise to my Grandmother that I would take her to the 4 prime Takhts (Holy Gurudwaras) before she dies. She would say that I am old and don't have much time.

But I would always procrastinate. And when she passed away, I regretted my decisions and felt bad that there's nothing I can do now.

That made me realize the value of time. How precious is the time and it should not be wasted in Procrastination.

That's when I started my journey toward self-improvement.

I made a lot of changes to my life but one important change was to watch a Ted Talk every day.

Did it ever occur to you - something that you watch or learn stays with you even for years?

For my, It was How to learn anything from Josh Kaufman.

In his Talk he gives the idea of How you can learn anything with 20 hours of deliberate practice. 20 Hours is the time it takes for you to become good at something.

This was a life-changer for me. Often I would procrastinate on a lot of things - thinking that it would take a lot of time. But this 20 hours time made it possible for me to learn a lot of things.

I wanted to learn how to code. Earlier I would think that it would take me months to learn how to code, but 20 hours made it easy. One fine day, I purchased a book on learn HTML and CSS in 24 hours. I just sat for next 18 hours, skimmed through and read the whole book.

And for the next 3 days, I practiced what I have learned in the book. And in the next 2 days, I made my first website and put it online. The first website I created was my personal website.

Over my next several years, I have learned a lot of things by breaking down into something that can be learned in less than 20 hours. I learned image editing, graphic designing, video editing, tens of programming languages, server admininstration and several other things that helped me become what I am today.

But I guess from last few months, I have forgot this idea that to become good at something - all we need is the 20 hours of deliberate practice. Deliberate practice is when you are totally into the moment. When you are totally zoned in and would practice like you want to become world-class at it.  


Josh Kaufman gave this idea that it takes less than 20 hours to become really good at something. All it takes is 20 hours of delieberate practice. If you are struggling with something, just give yourself 1 day each day for the next 20 days and practice with a zen-like focus