Not everyone in life wants to achieve great things. Not everyone has big ambitions in life and, that’s ok. Success comes at a price and, not everyone is willing to pay the price. If you are ready and willing to pay the price it takes, then there is a three-step mantra to help to achieve anything in life.

Consider a goal that you want to achieve. It should be big and something that if achieved changes your life. In this post on medium, I have explained how having a big goal helps you beat procrastination. The bigger is your goal, lesser are the odds of you getting distracted by smaller things.

Figure the Price

You can convert any goal into the time-equivalent effort it takes to achieve it. Your goal could be anything. Whether you want to lose weight or make a billion dollars, it can be converted to time-equivalent value. Depending on your weight, losing weight will take a hundred hours or less. Making a billion dollars could cost you 40000 hours or more. I have a friend who wants to be an astronaut he has set a target to 10000 hours for himself.

If you want to be a world-class musician, there is a price associated with that too. If you are already good at something, it will take your lesser time to achieve it if you put on consistent hours into that.

If you are not sure of the price for a goal. Find a person who has already achieved what you want to achieve and, try to figure out the price from that person. For every goal in life, it could be anything time is the ultimate price you need to pay.

Pay the price

So you want to make a billion dollars or write a novel. You have already figured out the time-price you need to pay for that. Now, it’s time to pay the price.

You don’t have time to pay for the goal. Are you sure? Consider what could you do if you stop spending a few hours that you spend on TV after office. What can you make of those extra hours that you spend on traveling? Instead of just sitting in a cab, you could spend the time to read a book. You could save little time for each activity by monitoring your time spending and then use the time to do great things.

If you are aiming at something big, then working a spare hour every week won’t work. You need to be consistent and give as much time as you can. Suppose you want to make a build a business and you have figured that it will take 10000 hours to build a viable business. If you are giving only 2 hours a week toward your goal, then it will take you more than a lifetime to achieve what you want.

Incremental Effort is the Key

Say you want to start a blog and you start by spending a few hours a week on your blog. You write a post first week and then next week you spend some more time. Every week you are writing and then you are working on to improve your writing. You are working on the building your community and networking with fellow bloggers. You keep on spending more and more time every week and, now it’s been more than a year. There are good chances that you have built a successful blog.

This is the observed pattern with all great leader and successful people. They take the first step and keep on increasing their effort in a consistent manner like a snowball rolling down a hill.

You need the willpower to take the first step and keep on giving your effort for a few months. Commit to your goal and, then commitment becomes a habit. After you have built a habit, all that becomes a second nature and, you’ll probably need the willpower to stop. You will not be able to imagine your day without working on your goal and, then the biggest of your goals look possible.