Yesterday I have failed my 30 days writing challenge.

I was so occupied with all the things, that I forgot to write the article for yesterday. It's not like that I procrastinated. I just didn't remember it.

How should I handle my failure to write the article?

Initially I was upset about it. But later I thought that the progress I have made is better than ever. I have never reached 20 day streak of writing on my blog. The best I have done is a 3 day streak.

So I should pat myself on the back for 20 days of continuous writing and create a backup plan to make sure I don't miss it in future.

I should do it without any self-doubt or any negative emotions. The worst thing you can do at this time is to let emotions effect your ability to think rationally.

For the reminder part, mostly I have been relying on my memory to remember that I need to write an article. I learned that your memory can fail you at times. So I should stop trusting it blindly.

From now, I have created a time-block on my calendar to set aside the time for writing the morning article. I have also set a reminder for 10:00 AM to remind me, if somehow I have missed the time-block reminder.

Handle our failures dispassionately

One of the best thing I have learnt from my study of stoicism is to handle circumstances and situations dispassionately. Dispassionately means to handle in an unemotional, rational, and impartial manner.

Most often when we think of our failures, we get filled up with so many emotions. We start self-doubting or start giving irrational excuses. I have seen this so many times from my own life and from the failures of others.

Instead of giving excuses like something came up, I should accept my failure to follow something in the most rational manner. And if you really want to do the things you intend to do, create a backup plan to eliminate the cause of your failure.

And keep on repeating this untill you are successful.

The key to handling failure is by thinking dispassionately and acting rationally.


In case you have failed with something you wanted to do. Accept your failure without any emotions. Find the cause why you have failed. And create a plan to eliminate the cause of your failure.