As a student, I remember the time I used to create Time-tables.

It was the most exciting aspect of my Student life.

Often when we are not feeling any productive, we resort to create time-table... hoping that from now on we will be more productive. And once we have a created a time-table, we feel little better. We feel a sense of control over our situation.

We feel a jot of excitement for the future where we'll be following our time-table.

If you are a student or preparing for some goal, I am sure you can relate with this.

But what happens next?

You crash your whole time-table. You try to follow it for a day or two and then you get back to your normal routine. You are making the same mistakes that you were making earlier.

So below are few tips which could help you avoid failing your time-table.

Divide your time-table into sections/routines

When we create a new time-table, we would try to plan everything from the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep. You would plan to make everything perfect.

You would plan to wake up at 5:00 Am and study for 14 hours even though if you are currently sleeping past noon and studying for no-time.

So 1 helpful advice is to divide your time-table into routines - like morning routine, afternoon routine,  evening rouning and night routine. You can divide your day into as many routine you need.

Now when you are starting with yout time-table. Make sure to perfect just one routine at a time. Let's just start with the morning routine and follow it for 1 week. And when you are comfortably following the morning routine, add afternoon routine to your schedule.

Divide your routine into Habits

If you are struggling with following your routine, then you must further divide your routine into individual habits. And aim to follow the first habit for 1 week. Once you are comfortably following the first habit for 1 week, add another habit on top of it.

Habit by habit, let's first perfect the morning routine. And then the routine following the morning routine.

Have Patience

The most common reason why people fail at their time-tables is because they lose their patience. So I am asking you to perfect 1 routine at a time. And if you are have divided your day into routines, you must have 3-5 routines for the day.

And if you spend 1 week to perfect 1 routine, then you'll have to wait for 3-5 weeks to follow your perfect time-table. People get impatient with it saying they don't want to wait for 3-5 weeks to follow their ideal time-table. They want to do it from tomorrow. Good luck doing that.

Dividing your time-table into routine and then further dividing into habits is the fail-proof way to follow your ideal time-table.

We have tested it with 100s of Students and this method never disappoints.

Pro Tip: Have an accountability Partner

Accountability partner is someone who holds you accountable. The key is to take the habit you are struggling with and involve your accountability partner to make sure you are following it. Let's say you want to wake up at 5:30 AM in the morning. You tried everything but you still struggle with it.

There are hundreds of ways you can involve your accountability partner:

  • You can make a deal that if I didn't wake up on time, I would pay you $100 dollars.
  • Or you can ask someone to have a weekly review on how many days were you able to wake up?
  • or ask someone to call you at 5:30 AM.


Just remember - Rome is not built in a single day.
Same as your ideal time-table can't be followed in a single day. It's the perfect time-table for you and trust me it'll take many days to perfect it.

Have patience, divide your time-table into routine and then further routines into individual habits. You perfect one habit at a time.