People stuggle with lack of self-discipline and motivation. And when they do, they blame themself for not doing the thing they wanted to do.

So if someone planned to study in the evening, they would blame and fill their mind with all sorts of negative thoughts. Thinking perhaps they are not good enough.

This starts a vicious cycle of not doing things...then negativity...more not doing things and more negativity.

To break this pattern, the first thing we need to do is being Intentional about the things that you do or want to do.

If there is one things that I want everyone to follow - that is Intentionality.

According to Wikipedia,

Intentionality is the power of minds to be about something: to represent or to stand for things, properties and states of affairs.

In simpler terms, Intentionality is the fact of being deliberate or purposive.

Intentionality is not something that you just decide and now you'll be intentional with everything. It takes practice. Months and years of practice.

I have been practicing it from years and I can't say that I have perfected it. Probably I will never be able to perfect it. But that is fine.

Even 10 minutes of being Intentional reaps benefits. When we get intentional about things, we realize that most of the things we posses or we do. We actually don't need all of that. All the stuff we have been collecting in our homes, we don't need it. All the time we spend on meaningless activities like Social media, listening to all the vloggers telling us how amazing their life. We don't need all of this. Our lives would be far better without all the junk we are feeding into our minds.

How to Practice being Intentional

First thing I would like to clear that once you are just starting, there is nothing good or bad. If you are judging everything and starting to change all at the same time, nothing is going to change.

Step 1: Record or create a list of all the things that you do in your daily life. That includes everything you do in your 24 hours time-period.

Step 2: Now prepare another list of the activities that you really want to do. When you are preparing this list, ask yourself why do you want to do it.

Step 3: Create another list of activities that you want to elimiate from your daily life. It could be anything that is hurting you in some way or hurting the progress on your goals... or it doesn't fits with the identity you want to be.

Step 4: Now don't try to change anything. Just be intentional about the things you do. Like if you scroll through the social media... it should not come to you as a surprise that you have been using Instagram for 2 hours. Notice the patterns and suppose you use Instagram after lunch, don't try to change it. Just tell yourself that "I often use Instagram for 1 hour after lunch, I will be doing the same today". But today I am well aware that I will be doing it.

When you start being intentional about it. You will notice that you don't actually need to do it. Your mind will automatically try to change your patterns in the way you want it to change.


Being Intentional is one of the power empowering skill, a human can acquire. And it comes with practice. And the way to practice is by noticing the things you do on a daily basis and thinking out loud that I do this thing at this time. Notice the patterns on how you spend your time.