At any given time, I have a list of hundreds things to do. There are calls to make, meetings to schedule, emails to write and other hundred things that help me grow my business and live a good life.

Often do I tell myself that I wish if there is more time. I wish if I can delegate much of it to someone else. By delegating our tasks to someone, we make more time for ourselves.

But a business is always limited by its resources. A business is always in need of more resources. A friend and a mentor once said something. He said that "I know a 3 person small ecommerce company and I know a 3,000 people large ecommerce company. They both are wishing for more resources. "

And that makes absolute sense. That's how our mind works. We always want more. If your company is making loses, you want to make profit. If your company is making profit, you want to make more profit. It's an never ending list of our desires and the things we want.

But what does it all have to do with productivity?

Before you start working on your long list of tasks, ask youself, "what would you work on if you only have 10 hours to work this week?". This is a very important question that will help you prioritize your most imporant or urgent activity. This is the thing that must get your immediate and undivided attention.

This is my goal for the first day of the week. I start my day with the aim to complete the task which is my most important task(MIT) of the week.

I start my monday with a hustler mindset and would work without any calls or meeting. My attention is limited to the MIT of the week. I divide my day into 4 complete Pomodoro sessions, having a break of 45 minutes in between the first 2 sessions. And a 1 hour break after the 2nd Pomodoro sessions.

So my schedule looks like:

Pomodoro Session 1 + 45 Minutes Break
Pomodoro Session 2 + 45 Minutes Break
Pomodoro Session 3 + 1 Hour Break
Pomodoro Session 4

The goal is to work in a completely focused way. No phones. No calls. No meetings. Just the work you intend to finish.

Few Tips to make your days more productive

  • Drink adequate water. I have personally experienced that when I am hydrated, I am less-prone to procrastination, more focused and more productive.
  • Don't skip your breaks. If you start skipping your breaks, you will feel sluggish by the afternoon and lose all your focus by 3:00 PM. Again my personal experience.
  • Formulate a backup plan to get back to work after a break. If you are relying on your willpower to get back to work after a break, It might deplete and you might end up procrastinating. To avoid this, I set a timer for 45 minutes before I leave my computer. After the timer runs out, It plays a sharp sound which reminds me to get back to work.
  • Break down your tasks into smaller sub-tasks. I break down my tasks into sub-tasks of 15 minutes each. And while working, I aim to complete atleast 2 of these subtasks in a single Pomodoro of 25 minutes.


At the start of each week, I would ask myself, "What would I do if I can work for only 10 hours this week?" That gives me an idea about the most important tasks of the week. So I start monday with a hustler mindset and aim to complete the MIT by the end of the day. To make progress, I work in an undistracted and flow like state by using Pomodoro Technique.