I have been writing the articles every day from 18 days now. There are days when I am not motivated to write, when I have other urgent issues to take care of.

But I write. I write not because I feel like writing. I write because It's the writing time. And I write because I have made a commitment to myself.

I have failed on writing previously because I was thinking too much. I was thinking that I should write my best article. This time I just write.

Motivation is a complete myth. To feel motivated to do something, just start. And once you start something, we feel the motivation to complete it.

Commit to no Zero Days

So whatever you want to achieve or whatever habit you want to follow. Commit to having no 0 days. A 0 day is the day when you make no progress on your goal or when you fail at your intended habit.

So let's say you are trying to follow a reading habit. Don't start by trying to read 50 pages per day. Start by reading only 1 page per day. As long as you are reading at least 1 page per day, you are making progress.

So most of my habits today are just avoiding the 0 day for the habit.


If you are waiting for motivation to start something, It's not going to come unless you pick yourself up and start doing the thing. Motivation is the result of an action not the cause of it. We often feel motivated once we start doing something.

So get up and do the thing you should be doing. You'll feel motivated.