A Google search for "goals" gives 45,60,00,000 results.

There are over 10,000 published books on goals and related topics. A question that might come to mind is "Do I need to read all these books to understand the basics for achieving my goals?"

In this article, I am going to give key learning when it comes to achieving the complex goals.

Productivity is the ability to get right things done. When I think of productivity, I think of it as the most time efficient way to get things done and make progress on our goals.

From the definition above, we get to know the value of goals. So our first learning brings me to the power of setting goals.

Set specific and measurable Goals

The first step to improving productivity is setting specific and measurable goals. If you are setting vague or unclear goals, your chances of achieving it is relatively low.

Often the goals we set are complex in nature and it requires multiple steps to achieve them. Suppose you have set a goal to become a successful Youtuber.

To become a successful Youtuber, there are few fundamental things like creating and uploading videos regularly. But will uploading regularly guarantee your success with the goal? In most cases, No.

Fundamental things creates the base for your goals. Without the base there are no chances for achieveing it.

Now in order to become a successful Youtuber, you might need to do the following:

  • Promote videos and get in-front of the people who might watch your videos
  • Improve quality of your videos, so that people actually enjoy your videos
  • Experiment with different video styles to find the best style for your audience
  • Collaborate with others to reach more audiences
  • And a hundred more things which successful youtubers do

Depending on your skillset, there might be some learning goals. Like you might want to learn video editing, storytelling or video recording.

Now coming to our goal. The chances of your achieving the goal are relatevily large if you are doing all the things mentioned above.

Based on the nature of activities required to achieve complex goals, I have divided it into 3 types.

  1. Foundation Stone - your first step which builds commitment toward achieving the goal.
  2. Routine - the activities which sets the foundation for the goal
  3. Catalysts - the experiments which helps you speed-up the whole process

Foundation Stone

This is your public commitment to achieve the goal. It's your first huge step which marks the foundation like starting a new building project.

In case of the above goal, It could be creating a YouTube channel, uploading the first video and sharing it with others. Like sharing on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

This step sets the mark for the foundation.

And around 80% of the people who aim to achieve something don't get past this foundation step. They just wish for things and don't take any step to turn that wish into reality.


In most cases, we expect too much from the foundation stone step. We upload a video on YouTube and expect it to go viral. Or we expect that people would really love it and there would be a ton of appreciation.

This is where routine comes into play. Routine is about bringing in the repetition. In case of YouTube, it's consistently uploading the videos. This sets the foundation for your goals. Without this step, there's no foundation and there is no tangible goal.

Having a measurable goal helps you measure how much progress are you making and how far do you need to go.

Catalysts or Experiments

I often call it experiments since these are just experiments, which sometimes works and mostly fails. It's experimenting with your content type, your video style, your promotion strategy and a hundreds of variables you can test.

One lesson I have learned with this is to never get attached with your experiments. Experiments are not meant to be successful all the times. They will fail more often than they succeed. And it you get attached with your experiments, you'll live in constant stress.


This is the basic framework which is use for all the achievements that have come to my life. And most of the goals in this complex work can be broken down into these fundamental activities.

Start with a specific and measurable goal. Lay the foundation stone for your goal. Keep putting the consistent effort and keep experimenting with ways to speed-up the progress on your goals.