I have been Journaling from last few months.

Initially I started with the goal to jot down my ideas related to business and marketing.

But later on, I started documenting my emotions, my learning and my experiments.

From last few days, I have started noticing something. Something which wasn't there earlier.

My thoughts are a lot clear now. I am more aware about my emotions.

Writing makes this wonderful change to our thinking. To write you must think. And if you write often, you deliberately think often.  

I can notice the change in my thinking process. So I want to pursue this further.

Starting today I am starting an experiment. For next 30 days, I will be writing daily on my Blog.

I will be writing mostly on:

  • What's happening with my businesses.
  • What did I learnt in last few days.
  • My thoughts on productivity and entrepreneurships.

To make this habit a success, I will be following few ground rules.

  • I will write on my Blog as the first thing in the morning, every day before 10:00 AM IST.
  • There is no word limit. I can write even a 100 words article as long as I share something valuable.

Why I think everyone should write daily

Writing provides a lot of benefits.

When you write you become aware of your thoughts and you gain clarity with your ideas.

In today's business world, everything we do is directly or indirectly effected by our ability to put our thoughts into words.

In business, you are always communicating with a lot of people. Whether you are communicating through your social media posts, or your landing page, or your emails. You are always communicating with a millions of people.

Writing is the fundamental skill for better communication. And communication is the fundamental skill for Influence.

If you want to influence someone to do anything. You must improve your writing.

If you are an Entrepreneur, you influence your potential customers to make a purchase. You influence your team to do certain actions.

If you are a doctor, you influence your patients to take the medicine or start doing exercise.

If you are a parent, you influence your kids to have healthy habits, eat less candies or a thousand other things.


I am starting an experiment where I will be posting an article daily on my blog. The goal for this experiment is to gain clarity with my thoughts, improve my writing and cultivate a writing habit.

The success of this experiment will be measured by whether my writing or my mental clarity improves.

I will meet you everyday at 10:00 every morning.