I have always wanted to be a writer. Not a writer in the author sense. I don't want to write books or novels. I just want to get better at expressing my thoughts, my ideas and my learning in a way that tells a story.

I remember the time I got into entrepreneurship, I was inspired by two things:

1. First was this idea, that in today's age, a person can learn anything he/she wants.

If you are into mechanical engineering and you want to learn about how to program. It all was possible in a few clicks on the internet. You can watch videos, you can download the best books and you can search the internet, everytime you are stuck with something.

It wasn't possible while I was growing up. In my house, we welcome the internet very late. I would rather say that I wasn't much aware of the internet untill I went into my college for my education in computer science.

2. Second was - all the inspiring stories I was reading.

One day while browsing the internet in my computer lab. I got to know about blogging and how there are thousands of people making crores through blogging. At first it felt like too good to be true. You can make money without selling anything physical, It sounded like a spam.

The more I researched, the more I felt the power of the internet.  I was listening to these great stories of hundreds of bloggers making more money in a month than my father made in this whole life.

It didn't happen all of a sudden. But somehow I was getting attracted to this lucarative option I have in front of me.

So this idea of "You can learn anything" and "You can blog about anything" will lead to "Make money online" got me started into blogging.

My plan was very simple. Learn about anything I like, and then start blogging to make money online.

Learn anything + Blog about it = Make money

That's how I got into Blogging.

Then to make a blog, I needed to learn about creating a website. Then how to grow a website. One thing lead to another and I got into freelancing. From freelancing, I started my own IT company and so on...

Now coming to writing.

I like writing because writing is one of the most powerful way to tell stories. And I have a lot of stories to share with you.

Writing gives me a clarity on my ideas. It makes me a better thinker. It helps me organize my thoughts, my learning and my experiences.

My 30 days Writing Challenge

Few months back in January, I started this daily writing challenge where my goal was to write an article daily for the next 30 days. I couldn't finish my goal. I didn't complete it for all 30 days.

But I was able to do much more than I had anticipated. I wrote 25 articles which was much more than I was writing previously. And that was 0.

I had failed with my challenge but I was successful with my writing. I feel this how we should treat our failures, not looking at what we wish to achieve but look at what we did achieve.

Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon.

It means to set one's goals or ambitions very high and try to attain something particularly difficuly. And even if you fail, you will land at a better position than if you had aimed low.

This fits well with the idea of setting stretch goals. The kind of goalss which will stretch your boundaries of comfort and you starting acting outside your comfort zone.

Building my writing Habit

Since I like writing a lot and I really like the benfits I get out of jotting down my ideas, I would like to build a habit out of my writing.

The goal is very simple: This time it will not be a 30days challenge. It will continue doing it as long as I can. I would like to build a writing habit like brushing my teeth or taking a shower.

The goal it write an article on my blog everyday. Simple.

There are no other conditions. Just an article and, the article could be of 50 words, as long as it shares something.