We all struggle with productivity from time to time.

Produductivity is your ability to get meaningful things done. If you feel that time is passing without you making any progress, that's a Productivity problem.

There are a number of things that could effect your productivity and it varies from person to person.

Finding the reason why you are not being productive is the first step to improve it.

Create a list of things that might be affecting your productivity. Start with the first instance from the day when you avoid the things you must be working on. Suppose you planned to study for 2 hours at 9:00 AM. Now prepare a list of possible reason why you are failing at it.

After you have a list of possible reasons of failure, It's time to create a plan to eliminate that. Right next the reason for failure, write one thing you can do to avoid it. Just one thing for each reason.

Now follow the actions you created, to avoid your reasons for failure.

Trust me that things are not going to improve in a day. It will take time before you find the right actions for you. It takes a lot of experimentation.

Do the next thing right

Often we notice in the middle or end of the day that you procrastinated all day long. You reaslize that you have missed several of your important tasks. I have experienced that most people will try to create a new plan on how they can achieve a certain thing. But it never works.

When you are realize that you are off-track from your created plan, don't create a new one. Instead just try to get back on the track by doing the next thing right, according to your plan.

Review Prompts

To make sure that I am on track with my tasks for the day, I have added review prompts to my schedule 3-4 times a day.

At 9:00 AM, I have set a routine to review my tasks for the day.

Then at 12:00 AM, there's a pre-scheduled reminder to review my progress on my tasks for the day.

Then at 4:00 PM. there's again a pre-schedule reminder to review my progress.

And at 6:00 PM, I do my daily task review and plan my tasks for tomorrow.


We all create plans but we often fall-off our plan. To get back on the track, do the next right thing according to your plan. Integrate review prompts in your system to make sure that you are making the progress on your tasks.