Few weeks ago, I made few changes to my morning routine.

Earlier I was working out in the morning but then I moved that to evening.

I made the change on 2nd January. And guess what?

I have been skiping my workout from ever since. In my last 30 days, I worked out for only 1 day. That too because my cousin forced me to do it.

I have been regretting my missed workout and everyday I would think that I will work out tomorrow. No matter what.

Today I am making a commitment and a plan to make sure that I work out in the evening.

So basically I have been saying that I will workout in the evening. This never works. Because the time is not specific. At what time in the evening will I workout?

I will workout at 4:00 PM everyday. So initially I will be doing it everyday to form a habit. And after a habit has been formed, I will change that to 5 days a week.

The power of gradual Progress

I know that if we rely on motivation and start a habit from its hardest form. It's impossible to form a habit. You will lose all the motivation and the habit formation becomes impossible.

To counter that, I have set an alarm for 4:00 PM in the evening and when the alarm rings. I will have to leave everything and go to my small home gym setup. And do 10 pushups.

So my goal for next 3 days is go to my home gym at 4:00 PM(when the alarm rings) and just do 10 pushups.

I will increase that to 25 pushups after the first 3 days. And after a week I will start with the basic workout.


To form the workout habit at 4:00 PM, I will do 10 pushups daily for next 3 days. After the first 3 days, I will increase that to 25 pushups.

I will update this article after 1 week to make changes for how did it go.