All of us have some goals about the things do they want to achieve.

We have different sorts of goals for health, wealth, career, relationship and many more. In the today's age, even the 10 years old are having goals bigger than I could ever imagine at that age.

I recently talked to my niece and she was watching a video on Josh talks about how a guy studied for IAS. To my surprise, she knew what IAS and what do you need to do to become one. I was shocked.

At her age, the only thing I wished for was the pocket which gave gadgets to Doraemon.

How do you become successful with your goals?

I have been studying about psychology behind how successful people achieve their goals. The more I studied, more I realized that you can't fake your way to your goals. You can't even motivate your way to your goals. Motivation has a very short life and it takes you nowhere.

To achieve your goals, the only way is to become the person who can achieve the goal you want to achieve.

This is called Identity based goal setting.

Suppose you have a goal to become a millionaire. If you are relying on the motivation to take you there, you'll be disappointed in the end. You can only achieve this goal if you become the person who can have a million dollars.

If you want to achieve this goal by becoming an entrepreneur. You must study how a successful entrepreneur would think and work. What makes an entrepreneur who could make a million dollars and become that person.

For example: My goal is to help a million people become productive by 2025.

To achieve this goal, a person must be emphatatic. He must be knowledgeable about what are the challenges that people are facing. He must study how can we overcome those challenges and learn how can he patiently listen to the people when they are explaining the challenges. I have listed the qualities of a person who could achieve this kind of goal.

One by one, I strive to attain all the skills and qualities needed.

When I was planning for this goal, I realised that I must become good at marketing my ideas, my thoughts and my lessons. So I studying marketing and trying different ways of storytelling.

I am learning more about behavioral psychology.

This way I am taking myself to a better position to achieve my goals.


When setting a new goal, ask yourself what kind of person can achieve this goal. List all the qualities and skills required to achieve that goal and aim to acquire all skills and qualities required.