Our Brain behaves like a monkey who is constantly distracted by all the shiny things around. Every shiny thing that we want asks for our attention and decreases the odds of achieving all things together.

People never want to set a single resolution. They want to set a series of things that they want. They want to create a business plus travel around the world, while they are working to raise their position in their full-time job. It is just not possible for most of us.

When we are focusing on too many things, our attention is like a ball being pulled by a group of people. It’s going nowhere unless the force is stronger on one side. This is how most of us are living our lives. The endless conflict between different things we want effects our ability to achieve one important thing.

More Directions, Less Distance

When people have too many things that require our attention, we lose our ability to focus and end up bring brain-tired to do anything. When we are being pulled in too many directions, less distance is traveled.

How they achieve the impossible

Consider you are having a single great goal. Say the goal is to start a business or cure cancer. Your life is dependent on the goal and, you must achieve this in any case. Won’t you drop everything that is less important to achieve the goal? You’ll become a giant ball rolling down a hill. You’ll become unstoppable.

This is observed with many great leaders. When you have only one obsession, you’ll move faster and become determined for greatness.

How to tame the monkey

The quickest way to fail is to follow many passions. The sure way to success is to have one obsession and drop everything to achieve what you’ve always wanted.

Few tips to tame the monkey:

Dream Big

Instead of having a small goal, dream big. The bigger is your goal, lesser are the odds of you getting distracted by smaller things. When you’ll compare your immediate desire with your goal, you are more likely to stick to your goal.

Limit your goals to three

Choose three different areas of life where you want to set a goal for yourself. Set a goal for every three areas of life. If you want to have more goals, then you must know that each addition decreases the odds of success.

Choose your priorities

Anything that isn’t your priority can be put off for future. You can learn Spanish in the future if creating a business is more important to you.

Line up your forces

If two goals are related to each other, you can always line up the forces to achieve it faster. Starting an online business and Starting a blog can be complementary to each other. Start a blog can actually help you start a business. The two lined up forces will push in the same direction.